Secure Your Crypto: A Step-by-Step Guide on Authenticating Your SafePal S1 Hardware Wallet


Secure Your Crypto: A Step-by-Step Guide on Authenticating Your SafePal S1 Hardware Wallet.

When it comes to protecting your valuable cryptocurrencies, security is paramount. While software wallets and exchanges offer convenience, they can be vulnerable to online threats. This is where a hardware wallet shines. 

Here SafePal S1 is a state-of-the-art hardware wallet designed to provide top-level security and peace of mind for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This compact and user-friendly device offers a secure offline storage solution for safeguarding your valuable digital assets. You can visit our official store here

The SafePal S1 supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, along with 19 different blockchains and over 10,000 different tokens. With its robust security features, the SafePal S1 ensures that your private keys are never exposed to potential online threats.

To authenticate a SafePal S1 hardware wallet and ensure its genuineness, follow this detailed 9 step process:


  • Check the Packaging: Examine the packaging of the SafePal S1 hardware wallet. Look for any signs of tampering, damage, or suspicious markings. Authentic SafePal products typically come in well-designed packaging with clear branding and product information.

  • Verify the Security Seal: SafePal S1 hardware wallets come with a unique security seal on the box. Carefully inspect the seal to ensure it is intact and hasn't been broken or resealed. The security seal adds an extra layer of protection, indicating that the device has not been compromised.

  • Download SafePal App: Make sure you have downloaded the SafePal App before you start using the SafePal S1 hardware wallet.

  • Device Authentication: When you start the SafePal hardware wallet, the first step is to select a language. After doing so you will see the “Device Authentication” interface. By clicking 'Next' you will see a unique QRcode shown on your S1 device.

  • Acquire and enter the verification code: Use the browser on your cellphone to scan the QR code shown on the S1 device. The QRcode will redirect you to a verification page. On the S1 device, click the OK button to enter the next step, where you will see a 6-digit code randomly generated by the S1 device. Enter the 6-digit verification code to the verification page opened on your mobile browser.

  • Get the authentication result: By entering the verification code on the cellphone browser and click 'Authenticate', you will see the authentication result. If the result shows that the device is a genuine device and has never been used, then congratulations, your device is safe to use!

  • Activate the device: On the S1 device, click 'Next', and scan the QRcode shown on the result page to activate the S1 hardware wallet. The activation process might take a few minutes. Please wait patiently. Once the activation completes, you can then go on to set up the S1 hardware wallet. 

  • Check out our video on how to authenticate Safepal Hardware Wallet?



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