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Muse Frame NFT Digital Frame

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Size: 10"
Aluminium Frame Colour: Black
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Muse Frame NFT Digital Frame Product Description

The Artist's Digital Frame

A fine art multifunctional digital frame for showcasing compelling digital art

Anti-Glare Matte Art Screen

The AntiGlare Matte Film scatters light to create a luxury matte finish that looks as good as a real painting. Art focused without any glare.

Rotatable Viewing Experience

All Muse Frames come with a wall mount that makes it super easy and simple to rotate your frame to your preferred viewing orientation.

Stereo Sound

All Muse Frames are built with High Definition Speakers and Audio outputs to showcase digital art with all of its intentions.

With the Muse Frame mobile app you’re ready to go.

The Muse Frame Software

Full NFT customization, provenance and control via the Muse Frame mobile app. Connect to multiple wallets and showcase art across multiple frames at once, all via your mobile. Ongoing software updates and integrations are released regularly, so your Muse continues to get better and better.

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