Brickstreet Steel Backup Plate

Rs. 4,999
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Upto 24-Word Mneumonic Backup

Double Sided - Compact and Simple Design allows 24 work mnemonic backup in a small size.

Simple & Robust

It shouldn't take a genius to backup your keys. This product keeps it simple - just write the phrases with the included electronic engraver tool and store the plate safely.

This plate will survive a war.

Made of AISI 304 grade Steel




Brickstreet Steel Backup Plate Unboxing and Review

Frequent Questions about Brickstreet Steel Backup Plate

What grade of steel is this product made of?

The Brickstreet Steel Backup Plate is made of a high grade AISI 304 steel which is strong, anti-corrosive with a high melting point.

How do you use the product?

The product comes with a carbide-tip electronic engraver tool, which will allow you to write the seed phrases on the plate.

When will the product be shipped? And how long does it take to reach me?

We prize ourselves for fast shipping and great customer service!

The Brickstreet Steel Backup Plate is usually shipped in under 1 working day of the order.

Delivary takes place in -

1-3 days : Expadited Shipping

3-7 days : Standard Shipping